Welcome to Arklan Birmans, my name is Janifer Gay and I hope you enjoy browsing through my website finding out more about my beautiful Birman family.

I am a member of the Tasmanian Feline Association Inc. and have been breeding and showing this gorgeous breed for over 23 years.

I live on a 5-acre property within the picturesque South Arm Peninsula, 25kms south-east of Hobart – Tasmania, Australia – with my husband Stuart.

I love all animals great and small, but have to admit felines hold a very special place in my heart and I have shared my life with some gorgeous moggies over the years.  Several years ago I decided I would love to be owned by a pedigree cat and that is when my love of the Birman breed first started.

Colours mostly available – Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, Tortie and Tabby Points.  With Tabby, Tortie and Tortie/Tabby being my specialty.

I breed for quality not quantity with my girls only having the one litter per season – enabling them to have a well deserved rest in-between litters.

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